Garbage Service Protocol – During the COVID-19 Restrictions

  • The below garbage collection restrictions will be lifted and normal protocols restored beginning Monday 4/27/2020.
  • Trash Collection – ASL with 95-gal carts: We will accept cart contents only. Drivers will not be authorized to
    leave their vehicle to pick up waste outside of the cart.
  • Trash Collection – Hand Pick Up: We will only accept waste in bags – Bags in cans (optional) will also be accepted. Bags cannot exceed 40 pounds. Waste not in a bag will not be accepted.
  • Yard Waste Collection – Yard waste must be bagged. No loose yard waste or bundled yard waste.
  • Bulk Collection – Will be suspended until further notice.
  • Recycling Collection – ASL with 95-gal carts: Will accept cart content only.
  • Recycling Collection – Hand Pick Up Without 95-gal carts: Materials should temporarily be bagged for

See notice from Republic Services for more information.